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Validation of reprocessing machines

The sterile center is one of the hospital/clinic's most important departments, where the production of clean and sterile instruments lays the foundation for rapid recovery and short hospital stays. This work requires 100% control that equipment and processes work as they should. Annual validation of the washing disinfector and autoclave/steam sterilizer provides reliable documentation that the washing and sterilization processes achieve the expected and necessary results - and is a prerequisite for proving that the sterile circle is intact:

Large and small autoclave (EN285/EN13060) must be validated annually in accordance with EN ISO 17665

Washing decontaminator must be validated annually in accordance with EN ISO 15883-1

Pelvic flushers must be process checked annually in accordance with EN ISO 15883-6

DAC Universal must be validated annually in accordance with EN ISO 17665 and EN ISO 15883

Completed validation forms the basis for internal routine checks throughout the rest of the year, and provides increased safety both for patients and for personnel who have to handle reprocessed instruments. In addition, it is economically beneficial to uncover equipment faults before they lead to unexpected downtime.

Validation of deep freezers, refrigeration systems and transport refrigeration

Mapping, qualification and validation of cooling and freezing facilities for pharmacies, medicine manufacturers/distributors and other actors who depend on reliable evidence that the cold chain is kept unbroken throughout the process.

Validation of autoclaves in the food industry

Also contact us for offers on validation of autoclaves/sterilisers intended for food production.

Equipment and software

We at Valideringsservice mainly use equipment from Ebro in our work. Ebro's loggers and software are specially designed for the validation of reprocessing machines according to all applicable standards, producing reliable and verifiable results. Contact us for good offers on data loggers, software etc.

Service, repair and calibration

We carry out service, repairs and calibration of data loggers and other products from Ebro.

Courses and education

Validation Service arranges courses and complete training courses for customers who want to start validating their own equipment themselves.

At Valideringsservice you get:

  • Competent technicians

  • A professional and reliable partner in all matters of validation and routine control

  • Control is done with the latest generation of electronic data loggers

  • Preparation of validation reports is done with TÜV-certified software

  • All work is planned and carried out in accordance with ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment)

  • Tips and advice on simple measures at the sterilization center - measures that can provide significant savings in both time and money

  • Security: control and calibration of our own validation equipment is done by an independent third party. Thus, you can trust that the tests we carry out are as accurate and reliable as possible.

    For offers on validation, send an email to post@valideringsservice.no or call 41562063 / 91630476.

For offers on validation, send an email to post@valideringsservice.no or call +47 950 47 550

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