About us

Validation service performs validation of the autoclave, washing decontaminator, endoscope washer, pelvic irrigator and DAC Universal – of course according to all applicable ISO/EN standards.

We also carry out mapping and validation of cold rooms, refrigerated transport, etc.

We take assignments both for hospitals/clinics and equipment suppliers who resell the service. We are also happy to contribute in transition phases where you yourself want to start validating your own machines, but do not yet have everything in place.

Validation service is also a resource portal for you who validate yourself. We provide tips and advice on how the requirements for routine checks and validation can best be met, as well as suggestions for suitable equipment. We also keep you up to date on requirements and regulations. ​

We also hold courses/training for those who want to start with validation - or who are already starting, but want to learn more.


For more information, ordering validation or courses, send an e-mail to post@ingwestad.no, or call + 47 66 84 66 67.

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