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Validation service

Validation of reprocessing machines

A validation is reproducible proof that a given process produces the expected outcome. It must be clearly demonstrated that processes, equipment, materials, work steps or systems actually produce the required results.

For example, validation of an autoclave involves several runs with test loads that must at least correspond to the load the autoclave is normally run with. Data loggers for temperature and pressure are run together with the test load to verify that the required values are achieved at the correct times in the process.

​Annual process validation of reprocessing machines is a prerequisite for successful infection control, and thus also for the highest possible patient safety. The validation is also the starting point for the users' own routine checks.

Procedure, frequency etc. regulated by the EN and ISO standards, and the requirements apply to all users and owners of autoclaves, washer-disinfectors etc. In other words, the same responsibility rests on a doctor's office or dental practice as it does on a hospital.

​Valideringsservice is an independent third party that validates machines of all makes. This way you can be sure of getting a completely unbiased performance qualification. In addition, administrative work, as well as travel and accommodation costs are saved when you do not have to deal with technicians from many different suppliers.

Validation service performs validation of autoclaves, washer-disinfectors and other reprocessing machines safely and efficiently - all according to current ISO/EN standards. The work is carried out with the latest generation of electronic data loggers, as well as TÜV-approved software for evaluating the results.

We also carry out steam tests on autoclaves.

Quality management system for the reprocessing of medical equipment

In May 2021, new regulations for medical equipment come into force. This emphasizes the responsibility that the individual clinic and the individual healthcare organization have for establishing a quality management system for medical equipment.

The quality system must at least describe equipment (autoclave, washer-disinfector, instruments that are sterilised, etc.), procedures, staff competence and routines for internal control.

​For a small doctor's office or a dentist in private practice, it can be a demanding task to establish the necessary documentation. Even larger clinics and hospitals can struggle to get everything in order in a busy everyday life. With the quality management system from Valideringsservice, you are assured that the management of the sterile circle is optimal, and that the documentation is both up-to-date and easily accessible.

Routine control sterile centre

The routine check is a regularly performed test in which the performance of the relevant equipment is checked. At the sterile centre, such checks can be spore samples, residual protein test, Bowie&Dick test and Helix test. The tests must provide confirmation that the machine performs according to the requirements, as well as an indication of whether the performance has drifted compared to the results from the last validation. Correctly carried out routine checks should also be able to reveal whether the machine is approaching the end of its useful life, or whether service should be ordered.

​The frequency of the routine check depends on the type of unit and process. For large steam sterilizers, the Bowie & Dick test is an important part of the daily check. Validation Service offers an electronic version which simplifies the work considerably, and which can also provide early warning of imminent autoclave failure. Also take a look at our other aids for checking endoscopes and other hollow instruments, as well as our digital residual protein test that eliminates the need for subjective assessment.

​We are also helpful with risk analysis and training of staff at large and small sterile centres.

Simple measures can make a big difference!

Digital residual protein test

Digital residual protein test

Mapping of fridges and freezers

All cold and freezer rooms intended for the storage or transport of foodstuffs, pharmacy goods and other temperature-sensitive goods must be mapped in accordance with given procedures before it is put into use after new construction or alteration.

Validation service performs the mapping (mapping) quickly and efficiently for you. We also assist with complete systems for continuous monitoring of storage or transport units

Courses, education and professional community

Valideringsservice offers regular courses and seminars both at home and abroad for you who validate yourself, and who want to refresh or build on the competence you already have. We also arrange courses and seminars for staff at sterilization centres. Considering the current situation with the spread of coronavirus, we are happy to arrange the training locally, connected to your facilities.


Validation service is a collaboration between Jacomedic AS and Ing. Westad AS.

We carry out validation of autoclaves, washing decontaminators and other reprocessing machines, as well as of refrigeration systems/refrigerated transport etc.

We offer training in validation and routine checks, as well as validation sets, electronic Bowie&Dick and other equipment for you who do the work yourself.

Validation – an important part of infection control!

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